crucified_grrl's Journal

21 January

I'm that girl who stands
in the corner. I'm the dreamer.
I'm the girl who broke when she
fell down the stairs. I am the
girl who you'll never understand
(but wished you could.)
I am the girl who writes the pain she
feels, and I'm the one who draws
beautiful pictures.
I'm the girl who is drenched
in pain and who doesn't want
to get hurt any more. I'm the girl
who wishes she was gone from this hell
and I'm the girl who has the paper wings.
I was the one who climbed trees with the
boys and I still don't like make up. I'm
the girl that watches you, observes you,
knows what you are thinking. I'm the girl
who has to live in the nightmare while
others look on. I am the girl that made
a coffin of her tears. I was the girl who
runs her fingers over her ribs. And I'm
the girl that bleeds. I am the chosen,
I am the rejected. I am the sick and
I am the healthy.
I was the girl with
the scraped knees and the emerald eyes.
And I am the girl that got swept away
within the cold static.